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Stone Floor InstallerCeramic Floors and WallsPrecision Tile & Stone follows the Tile Council of North America handbook to insure quality installations. Precision Tile and Stone access structure to insure it will support ceramic tile. Precision Tile and Stone only use approved underlayment systems and use premium setting materials. It just does not make sense to use cheap materials, Precision Tile and Stone uses top quality material with top quality results.

Natural Stone Floors and WallsPrecision Tile & Stone follows Marble Institute of America guidelines to insure quality installs. Unless a wood framed home was designed for stone flooring, sistering of joists or adding a beam to shorten the span may be required . Also stone requires two layers of plywood an then an isolation or decoupling membrane. Something to keep in mind when planning a budget for stone. Precision Tile and Stone accesses joist structure and subfloor to be sure deflection is within tolerances to support stone tiles without cracking. We don’t just slap down cement board and hope for the best. Precision Tile and Stone also use’s the Tuscan Leveling System. The fact that thin set shrinks when drying the Tuscan Leveling System holds tiles in place minimizing lippage.

0731100709Custom Showers Precision Tile & Stone follows TCNA handbook to insure quality installs. Our custom showers are built with industry approved methods, not the ones that are fast and cheap to bring in high profit. Normal showers we use the traditional shower construction method. A tried and true method that when done properly will last decade after decade. As a mater of fact I recently was on a project , installing new floors. The shower stalls were around 70 years old and still in great shape. Regardless of who installs your new shower this is how traditional showers are built. Starting with shower area framed 16” on center. #1 Stud’s notched out to accept pvc liner. #2 2×10 blocking installed around perimeter. #3 glue bottom of 3 piece drain to rough plumbing. #4 if wood subfloor , tar paper and lath on shower floor. #5 from drain body out 1/4” per foot pitch with drypack (this is the prepitch the key to this system } #6 install liner running up the walls, around 8”,folding the liner for inside corners. Liner should

Stone Corner Shelf

rap over dam and use preformed corners on top of dam. #7 seal bottom of liner to drain body, install drain camp #8 flood test #9 Oh by the way did I mention FLOOD TEST!!! #10 Install vapor barrier over studs overlapping seams and liner. #11 Install cement backer units, leaving one inch above liner. #12 Fiber tape and thinset all seams. #13 Float shower pan with drypack (5 to1 sand and portland mixed very dry} #14 Lath around curb with no fasteners on inside or top of dam then float with mud. #15 Tile using premium thinset. #16 grout . This is most of the steps involved . We also can use the Kerdi system, recommended for steam showers

Hardwood and Laminate – Precision Tile and Stonealways acclimate the material and test to make sure moisture content is within specification

L.V.T and V.C.T – Floor prep is key to this flooring, most of the job is spent creating a smooth substrate to insure a smooth floor. Installing the tiles is actually the easy part. we use tile specific adhesives not the cheap substitutes.

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Tile and Stone Installation

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Tile and Stone Installation
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